Whimsical Creativity

Gigi’s Story

As a child of 14 and a dancer with a lively spirit and full of the newness of life, Gigi was struck unexpectedly with Osteogenic Sarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) in her left knee.  At that time in 1961, this form of cancer had a 25% survival rate.  Gigi is a survivor.  After having her left leg amputated, she wears a prosthesis.

Throughout her life, Gigi has loved life and the magic and fantasy of fairies and imaginary characters. With inbred artistic talent also shared by her grandmother, mother and sister, Gigi loves bringing joy and delight to people, especially children, through her whimsical art.

Gigi earned a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from a Colorado college and teaches art in her Gigitales Design Studio.  She especially wants to reach out to children who are undergoing a health trauma.  She has created little cuddly characters that would provide a source of comfort during a hospital stay.  These little characters are called “Jeetles”.  Each Jeetle is accompanied by a storybook with a message attached.  The characters derive their name from the nickname Gigi’s father gave her when she was a young child…. his little “Jeetlebug.”


Today, Gigi lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband, Ron, where she continues to share her enthusiasm for sharing her love of art with others.