Whimsical Creativity

What You’ll Need

Summer Flowers Glass Painting

Brushes used for this project are my favorite choice for durability and use, Royal Langnickel Aqualon Short handle:  Sizes #10 FLAT, #10 ROUND , #1 Liner and a double ended stylus for the dots.
The paints I used for this project are Decoart Acrylics- Glossy Enamels.
Tuscan Red
Napa Red
Razzle Berry
Royal Fuchsia
Primary Yellow
Foliage Green
Hauser Medium Green
Hauser Dark Green
Citron Green
Extreme Sheen Gold
Paint and Brush Sources: Craft Stores or online at Decoart.com and Royalbrushes.com
Glass source: Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Joanne’s, Walmart, etc.
STA-WET Palette -To use for keeping your paints usable during the painting process. www.Mastersonart.comor Masterson Enterprises, Inc. PO BOX 15592, Phoenix, AZ 85060
Upon completion of your painting, you will need to “set” the paint.  This is done by a simple method of baking your glass in the oven.  1. Place your glass in the oven.  2.Turn on oven to 350 Degrees. 3.Set timer for 30 minutes. 4 walk away and after the timer goes off, turn off oven and allow glass to cool. 5. After all is cool, remove items from oven and enjoy!